Visions or Memories

When it comes to the transformational process are you living in vision or memory?

Critics who say let’s kill RAC and start again are living in memory. They remember every slight – every failure – every criticism that was inflicted upon them in the last week – the last year – the last decade. Sadly these critics (both men and women) live in the same place as the characters in the Coen brothers movie No Country for Old Men. I know. When I saw that movie especially the scene where Tommy Lee Jones goes back home to visit his father, an old man now no longer vital, I saw myself sitting on the porch of the broken down cabin watching the desert winds blow up the dust. This was not a good moment for me.

And so it goes with the debate about RAC’s future.

What we take from the past, which has been shared by some so eloquently and forcefully, are the lessons of wisdom and age. I say most of us OMs and XYLs have expressed the desire to see a stronger, more open and democratically run national organization. These commentators (and they’re not all old like me) are serving Amateur Radio in Canada and should be lauded for their contributions.

And when it comes to their vision and my vision and your vision let us make happen.

It is not up to President Geoff. It can’t be left in the hands of a few. It must come from all of us who want a strong national organization.

Is RAC perfect? Ah! Far from it. But it is the RAC we deserve! And, if we want a better RAC, then I invite you – no I implore you – to get involved. If this means a change in personnel – then so be it. If it means changing the governance structure – we can do that in a heartbeat. If it means working harder – I know there are amateurs out there who will work hard for the hobby they love.

But to those who insist on living in the past, I fall back on a quote from the other John (not Bartlett) but John Lennon:

We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out

Keep those emails and comments coming in. You are creating the RAC you deserve 🙂 and bless you for it.


One Response to “Visions or Memories”

  1. Mike Goldstein VE3GFN Says:

    Can you tell me what progress is being made, in changing the “no hands on ” rules for radio hams while driving in Ontario? Time is passing! 73 Mike VE3GFN

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