Transforming RAC Parts 10 and 11

RAC’s friend and transformational guru John Bartlett, VE1OZ/HK3OZ, has added a part 10 and 11 to his collection of thoughts and actions about how RAC can better serve the members.

The 11-part series has served a a catalyst for discussion about RAC’s future. We’ve received tons of comments and opinions which will form the basis of future discussions and actions designed to help all of us create a stronger national Amateur Radio organization.

John first offered this process back in 2008. He produced a RAC board/executive survey which said much the same as we’ve heard from you over the last few weeks. So what’s to say the 2010 transformational process is going to be anymore successful than the 2008? That’s the question of the hour, isn’t it?

What do we need to do to ensure the problems that were identified in 2008 and, for the most part, are still affecting RAC in 2010 are fixed?

First of all, the process isn’t about affixing blame. For better or worse, RAC is a volunteer organization and we get what we pay for (and I am including me and my participation here). So, if we don’t like the results so far, the question I have for you is what are you doing about it? There’s plenty of room for more volunteers to help and lead RAC committees and working groups.


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