Part 12 – The Man In The Mirror

John Bartlett, VE1OZ/HK3OZ, has sent us Transforming RAC – Part 12 where he encourages us all to step in to the transformational process.

Over the last few weeks John and I have spoken almost daily and somedays several times a day about the process RAC has embarked upon. Initially I indicated that I was fearful of where this process could take Radio Amateurs of Canada. Based on my reading of the attempt back in 2008 to offer RAC the same process, which was not implemented, I asked John why he thought this time would be different. I said I didn’t think the leaders in RAC or the greater Amateur Radio community would step up and get involved.

We talked for days about my fears of the process and the participation of others and then my training as a group coach kicked in and I realized it wasn’t the process that I was afraid of it was my ability to participate in it!

So when I hear that some leaders in the Canadian Amateur Radio community question the public process we’ve started I can sympathize. Change is always challenging but the challenge isn’t about the process, it’s always about ourselves.

It’s about how we stay true to our word. How we retain our own integrity and trust ourselves to remain open and engaged especially in the face of anger or ridicule (which is always shame-based and is one of the great weapons that men in men’s groups try to use to defend themselves and their point of view).

Once I realized that my fears were all about me, I was immediately ready to engage because I know my agenda (and we all have agendas – I got that from President Geoff who laughed me off the telephone when I said I didn’t have an agenda when it came to this process) and it’s to do my very best to make RAC a better organization for all – members and non-members alike.

So don’t be afraid of the process. Here’s some gold from the men’s groups I coached:

Go look at the person in mirror and ask yourself what can he or she do to make RAC better for everybody who loves Amateur Radio in Canada.


2 Responses to “Part 12 – The Man In The Mirror”

  1. Bob Cooke VE3BDB Says:

    I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would not wish to embrace whole-heartedly an apparently well thought-out strategy.

    What possible rational objection can there be to it? If there is a legitmate reason for not at least TRYING it, let’s hear that reason. Please! What’s wrong with the suggested plan?

    Or, could the reason actually be that the plan didn’t originate from those who are elected to shepherd the corporation and therefore some faces are red and some noses are out of joint? What is going on?

    Keeping RAC members and the Amateur Radio community at-large in the dark serves no useful purpose at all. It well may serve a personal purpose in some minds, but it’s highly questionable if it is one useful to the organisation.

    If this view is in error then please, let’s hear the explanation and a detailed description of what the president, board and executive are doing on behalf of us members to fix what’s broken.

    Canadian Amateurs need an advocate organisation led by thoughtful, energetic, approachable, imaginative and open leaders, not faceless schemers who sit in the shadows.

    Believe me, Amateur Radio in this country will suffer if the RAC goes under. And that possbility is quickly becoming a probability. Positve action is needed NOW, not idle banter, self-serving proclamations or empty promises.

    Lead, follow or get out of the way. Take a look in the mirror. Into which category does each of us fit?


  2. Sean Welsh VE3OZ Says:

    It seems to me that we keep looking south for guidance. The “ARRL” has been mentioned in many exchanges on this board – but has anyone looked at the success of the Radio Society of Great Britan (RSGB) and why their model works?

    According to their site, the UK boasts 72000 amateur radio operators and growth of around 15000 over the last 10 years. The RSGB has a very informative web site, a successful publication department, and a well attended convention yearly.

    Just curious if we should be looking “across the pond” versus “across the border”.

    Good luck to all involved!
    Sean VE3OZ

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