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New Kenwood TS-590

August 23, 2010

I stole this info off Bob Baillargeon’s excellent blog VE3MPG’s Blog where he talks about the highly anticipated release of the Kenwood TS-590.

Along with the normal stuff we expect from a new HF transceiver the TS-590 is said to have excellent receiver capabilities thanks to a 1st roofing filter directly after the mixer section and a second roofing filter which comes after the post amplifier. At around $2K this could be a real contender for those wanting a competition-grade transceiver under the current price range of $3K to $5K (and up).


Stranger than Fiction

August 20, 2010

Sometimes when I’m reading an article in one of the ham radio magazines it’s so weird that I have to check I’m not reading the April issue and the article is an April Fool’s joke.

I was getting caught up on my reading when I sat that the June 2010 issue of QST had a brief article by editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY on page 98 called Quantum Transistors?

In the article Steve reports on news that for the first time, “physicists have demonstrated that physically separated particles in solid-state devices can be quantum-mechanically entangled.” Okay so what the heck does that mean? Entangled photons split apart continue to act as one. What happens to one happens to the other regardless of distance and when we say distance we don’t mean just across a circuit board but distance measured in lightyears! The report on this phenomena was reported in Physical Review Letters.

So what? Well this could mean we could have transistors that have unlimited on/off switching speeds and a change to one electron could happen in another electron somewhere else. Talk about zero delay in using your remote station transmitter.